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Based in Los Angeles and Tokyo, FILM SCORE LLC is a music production company specializes in music production for motion picture. We offer a variety of music services such as supporting contracts and project management with top-tier recording artists, composers, orchestrators, music copyists, and engineers to deliver high quality music for your project and/or branding needs.

What does it mean to produce true quality music? There are as many production goals as there are genres in music. We founded FILM SCORE LLC to express the unique message inherent in each production, through the use of music. We are a group of music producers and composers, orchstrators, sound creators specializing in the production of soundtracks. For each individual project, we tailor a team of the best creators from all around the world. Music vibrates the air, moves the heart, manipulates the mind, brings tears to your eyes, creates sensations, and at times will bring back long-forgotten memories. The music, combined with projected images of movies, television programs, and video-games, embodies strong conviction that deeply ingrains the heart. 


The soundtrack must exist in a way that truly and perfectly embraces and amplifies the message of the production. Knowing only music theory, having only high skill as a player, or just making great music will not necessarily lead to music being specially tailored for a video sequence. At FILM SCORE, we strive for deep understanding of the production, the image, the director, or the individual scene. For example, when observing an actor’s way of breathing, we think about how we can express this in music. What would the tempo be? Is it closer to a sigh, or a deep breath caused by being nervous, or both, and can we express that through music? We have all experienced before, that a piece of music can trigger memories of certain scenes from a movie or drama, bring back memories of when you were in love, revive long lost memories, or rouse a sense of nostalgia. When music matches perfectly to a specific scene, it delivers a strong impression that remains in your memory forever. Together with music, the most memorable productions and experiences live on forever together within our hearts. We at FILM SCORE make that music - music that will always be with you, music that will live on in your heart and provide spiritual sustenance. We are confident that music born from FILM SCORE will create a lasting memory for everyone.


Exective Director


Nobuko Toda

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